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Same Day Printing in Brooklyn
A Printing Digital company.

Enhance your products with White Ink.

If you are looking for a tempting alternative to the usual dull black-on-white print check out our white ink option. Explore new territories and surprise your customers with something exciting. White on black or color background creates endless possibilities – from elegant business cards, stylish brochures to vintage looking flyers or business forms. Let your imagination lead you and experiment with our white printing.

Surprise your audience with exciting white products

Printing with white ink on a black or colorful background is a very complex process as the majority of printers serve the CMYK color system which doesn’t have the ability to print in white.  Printers which go beyond CMYK often produce pure ink which is hardly visible on dark paper. It also requires multiple applications – however each application must be extremely precise in order to avoid a messy distribution of ink and a poor quality final effect.

At Printing  Brooklyn we cope with this issue using foil stamping instead of pure ink. Producing a very similar final product as white ink, it avoids messy look and imprecise text print.

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