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Same Day Printing in Brooklyn
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Thermography. Ideal enhancement for your print.

Thermography is a 手机牛牛app下载method which creates a raised effect on paper. Using the melting properties of slow-drying ink, at Printing Brooklyn we use specific polyme and powder to produce a raise of a flat surface.  The process is quite complex but ensures an exlusive, long lasting effect. The products are printed with a slow-drying ink which merges easily with polymer powder. The powder is applied onto the cardstock, mixes with the ink and is immediately exposed to high temperatures. The high temperature melts the mixture of both polymer powder and ink and creates a very dense liquid which solidifies and gives a raised effect on the paper. With this form of enhancing you can create any pattern or design. It can be used on business cards, posters and many other 手机牛牛app下载materials.

Exclusive Prints With Thermography

As described above, thermography is quite a complex process. Nevertheless it creates one of the most exclusive and luxurious finishes on business cards. It allows you to create raised inscriptions and glossy patterns which are eye-catching and which add a touch of class and luxury to an ordinary product.

At Printing Brooklyn we offer high-quality thermographic raised 手机牛牛app下载performed by our experienced staff of professionals.

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