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Same Day Printing in Brooklyn
A Printing Digital company.

Metallic Printing. Eye-catching design for your next project.

How to give your next project a shiny and lustrous finish and incredibly high quality? Check out our metallic 手机牛牛app下载services. The ink used in this process contains small, colourful metallic particles. Most common particles are either gold or silver but we offer a variety of other colours such as red or blue. This original ink makes your cards and brochures stand out from the crowd. Impress your customers with such dose of elegance and uniqueness!

At Printing Brooklyn we offer metallic pigment ink print on all sorts of paper stock – if you require more information please ask for assistance one of our experienced and professional staff members. They will help you through the whole proces – from design to the final print.

Metallic Printing | Printing Brooklyn
Metallic Printing Cards | Printing Brooklyn
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