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Kraft Paper. An eco-friendly, unique card stock for many applications

If you’re looking for a unique card stock, look no further than kraft paper. Made from wood pulp using a ‘kraft process’, this paper is extremely durable and resistant and is 100% recyclable, making it the perfect choice for the consumer who wants to remain green, but still print on high quality paper stocks. Kraft paper has a unique look and old-school touch; it’s soft brownish color resembles the look of natural wood and with the right branding can look really amazing. Today, care for the environment is very appreciated and Printing Brooklyn is proud to offer kraft paper as part of our eco-friendly 手机牛牛app下载initiatives.

Printing Brooklyn uses high-quality kraft paper stock which can be used in a variety of products including flyers, business cards, invitations and even brochures. Talk to one of our expert team today to see how we can tailor your next marketing campaign or branding materials using kraft paper for a unique look and finish.

Kraft Paper | Printing Brooklyn
Kraft Paper Printing | Printing Brooklyn
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