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Same Day Printing in Brooklyn
A Printing Digital company.

Foil Stamp & Hot Stamping.

Hot stamping or foil stamping is the process of transferring pigmented or metallic foil on to a flat surface using a heated and carved metal plate. The foil, which is fitted on to the metal plate, leaves an imprint on the 手机牛牛app下载surface as it is heated – thereby, the result is a beautiful pattern, logo or emblem, imprinted on to your 手机牛牛app下载product. The process is fast and leaves a very elegant finish.

Printing Brooklyn are truly experts in this 手机牛牛app下载effect and we can produce incredible high quality foil stamping at very affordable prices. We use both pigment and metallic foils, in a variety of colors which give a shiny and dazzling effect to your printed products. Our refined 手机牛牛app下载techniques and cutting edge 手机牛牛app下载presses ensure high quality each and every print run.  If you wish to see some of our sample foil stamped products, get in touch with our team and allow us to demonstrate what what we are capable of producing here in store.

Gold Foil
Silk Laminated Stamped Foil Business Cards
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