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EDGE Painting.
Make your business cards extraordinary.

Edge Painting is an exciting and dynamic way to make your business cards stand out from the crowd. Just as the name suggests, edge painting is an effect where thick sheets and card stock have color and foil applied to their edges. The process is performed by applying a pigment to the edge of a stack of sheets or cards. It’s possible to do with a single color, or multiple colors organized in a sequence. This colorful decoration makes a huge upgrade to your business cards, greeting cards or flyers – enticing and very edgy!

Talk to one of our team at Printing Brooklyn today about edge painting on your business cards. We print the widest range of business cards including thick card stocks such as duplex and triplex cards which are ideal for edge painting due to their extreme thickness and stiffness.

Edge Painting | Cards | Printing Brooklyn
Edge Painting | Printing Brooklyn
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